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Recovery Tails: Management of Sunday’s Knee Pain Through Surgery & Brace

Recovery Tails: Management of Sunday’s Knee Pain Through Surgery & Brace

Recovering from a torn CCL is a process that varies for each dog. Bracing the dog’s injured knee is an option that can provide the needed support for the knee to heal naturally. The purpose of the Ortho Dog knee brace is to stabilize the knee by limiting flexion and extension so that scar tissue can form a callus over the tear for healing. Though most of our braces are purchased by those who have opted to not undergo surgery for their dog’s knee, the following story is of a family who tried both and had great results. 

Surgery And Ortho Dog’s Knee Brace Work Together

We have a six-year-old shepherd named Sunday. In October 2016, our girl tore her right cruciate knee ligament. Though we decided to do surgery, we ordered the Ortho Dog Cruciate Care knee brace for pre-operative support and stabilization. It helped her walk so much better!

Then she had surgery. The recovery was long, and difficult—but after eight months, she was finally healed and was back to normal! However, almost a year later, she injured her left ligament (just as the statistics show 60% of dogs tear opposite ligament within a year of surgery). 

We noticed that she started limping on the opposite leg after running after a squirrel. We are almost positive she completely or partially tore her left ligament. We were devastated knowing she would have to go through the surgery and the long, hard recovery process again. After tears and talks, my fiancé and I decided to try conservative management this time around instead. 

Because I saw how much it helped her right leg, I reached out to Ortho Dog and they sent a left brace and right anchor to attach into my existing system. I could not wait to get it in the mail! We are trying the conservative approach this time around, and helping her heal without surgery. 

Above is a short video of her on her short daily walk. She still has a small limp, but the Ortho Dog Cruciate Care knee brace dramatically improves her walking skills. We are hoping and praying she can heal and get back to frisbee playing, swimming in the river, chasing insects and enjoying life.

Thank you so very much.

The Ortho Brace has really helped her. I was told that the torn knee ligament could not heal on its own, without surgery. However, this brace has proven differently. She is already showing signs of improvement.

Special thanks for Maria for sharing updates on her sweet pup. You can find more stories like Sunday’s on our Facebook  page. If you have questions about the Cruciate Care Dog Knee Brace, send us an email at