Our Range of Orthopedic Braces for Dogs

Cruciate Care Knee Brace

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Cruciate Care dog knee brace fitted for an ACL tear

Hip Hound Brace

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Hip Hound

Wrist Wrap

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Wrist Brace Ortho Dog Wrist Wrap

Hock Holder

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Ortho Dog's Hock Holder dog hock brace
Restore the Joy of Pain-Free Activity!
Veterinarian Endorsement of Ortho Dog, Inc.

“Ortho Dog provides quality orthopedic braces to assist in improved function, mobility, rehabilitation & quality of life.”

It's Easy to Order an Ortho Dog Brace

Our dog leg braces can fit comfortably on a range of MEDIUM, LARGE, and EXTRA LARGE BREEDS, including those with genetic predispositions to hip dysplasia like German Shepherds, Labs, Great Danes, boxers, pitbull mixes and other mixed breeds, as well as active dogs with torn ACL or CCLs.

Measure Twice, Order Once

Ortho Dog braces do not fit all sizes and breeds of dogs. Be sure to review our Fit Guide and measure your dog to determine that you have the right fit.

Will the Brace Fit? Let's Find Out
Step 1

Choose A Brace

Select the appropriate brace for your dog's injury or ailment.

Step 2

Measure Your Dog

Each brace will need you to measure your dog's weight, height and/or circumference.

Step 3

Place Your Order

We ship our braces daily, Monday thru Friday. Orders placed before noon will go out the same day.

Step 4

Free Fit Consultation

Simply email us 3 nose-to-tail photos of your dog standing in the brace so we can check the fit and application, provide specific recommendations for your dog, and ensure everything's dialed in for optimal fit. Need to exchange? No problem. We welcome any questions to support you and your pup.

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woman owned business

Made with Love in the Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina

We're a dog-loving, women-owned company, developed out of our desire to help dogs walk, run, play and hike without limping or pain. 98% of the materials used in all of our Ortho Dog braces are manufactured in the United States, and our dog braces are sewn locally in Western North Carolina.

Read Our Story

Thank you so much for all of your help. We just took our first walk with the Hip Hound brace on and Charlie didn't fall down or drag his feet. I am very happy that this is a real help for him.