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Cruciate Care Knee Brace

Back on 12/7/14 I purchased a Orthodog brace for our dog Rorie who had a complete torn ACL in her right knee. I had been to two separate vets to confirm her injury that it was a complete tear and they both said she needed immediate surgery or she would never walk with that leg again. After reading about the surgeries the two different vets wanted to perform not to let alone the major cost of each we felt there must be alternatives. This is when we started looking to the web for alternatives and this is where we came across the Orthodog ACL knee brace.

At first Rorie wore the brace when she woke up to when she went to bed, but it became very cumbersome for her to sleep with so we had her wear it only when she was walked. Rorie was happy to wear the brace as it always meant she was going for a walk. At first she was walked only a short distance and gradually increased. Before the injury she was walked a couple hours every day.

We are now a year later and she is no longer wearing the brace. The vet she goes to just can't understand how she could of had a torn ACL and just worn a brace and now doesn't. We were at the vet today and once again Rorie was examined and her vet could not find any draw in her right knee. I just wanted to share this great recovery story with you and others considering the Orthodog brace.

Thank you!

— Chris B.

We've use your cruciate care knee brace for a week now and we already see improvement. Even without the brace our dog now put weight on his back paws, we runs and play with our other dog which he hadn't done in a long time.

We are so happy with the quick results we shared your product with our group of boxer owners here in Quebec where we normally wait to operate our dogs when they can't walk anymore...

The people were excited to know they now have another and less expensive solution!

Thank you!

— Vanessa from Quebec

I purchased your knee brace for my dog who has a torn ACL in the hope that it would help with her recovery since I opted for a non-surgical approach.

I had an issue with the fitting and you professionally talked me through it. My Laura is now walking and the distance has increased substantially for both of us. Thank you for providing an affordable alternative solution and for your attention.

I just purchased your knee brace for my 50 lb. dog Max. I can see within a few hours of my dog using this brace that he is really happy and pain free.

Thank you!

I am extremely pleased with the Cruciate Care Knee brace that I purchased about 6 months ago for my Golden Retriever/German Shepard who had a torn ACL. Surgery seemed inevitable as she could not put any weight on her injured leg at all. I was unable to afford the surgery much less the aftercare of keeping her confined. After using the brace system she is now able to run and play – although her Frisbee days are over. I continue to use the brace when we take walks.

So I want to thank you for developing such a wonderful tool to give my dog Zelda her energetic life back!

My 9 year old Pitbull tore her ACL and isn’t a good candidate for surgery. I saw your brace and was a little skeptical at first about whether she would even let me put it on her. I ordered the brace and with no coaxing she let me put it on her. The knee brace fits her really well and she is walking a lot better and is actually taking longer walks now with less discomfort and much better walking.

Thank you so very, very, very much.

We bought the x-large knee brace for our 140 lb. Bernese 2 weeks after his injury. The toe touching (knuckle buckling) stopped immediately with the additional support. We then worked him into therapy with short (5 min) walks progressing into longer walks, then gradients, then stairs. We’re at 12 weeks now and he walks totally normally with the brace on and normally but slightly guard and weaker with the brace off around the house. All walks are still done with the brace on and we discourage running, but he’s made so much improvement, it’s often hard to contain his exuberance. Surgery is not the only option! It takes about 45 seconds to get the brace on and now that it is adjusted for him and just a couple of seconds to release and have him step out of it.

Give the brace a try! Thank you Ortho Dog.

We want to thank you for helping us determine the right size for the knee brace for our dog. We have been very satisfied with the brace. Without it and without having the ACL surgery for our Golden Retriever he would not of been able to get off the floor. We did not select to go for surgery due to our dog’s ago of 10 years and his overall condition. The brace is an intermediate fix and it indeed works. We are very satisfied.

— Nancy from WI

I just wanted to thank you for creating such a fantastic product. The Cruciate Care Knee brace has saved my Newfie’s life and has given her back her independence!

— Eternally grateful doggie mom from FL

Jazzy’s been wearing her brace since we received it and the difference has been amazing. With her brace on she can walk normally and this morning she actually galloped over to someone to say hello - not that I wanted her to do this, but it was good to see that with her brace on she’s on the mend. Thanks again for getting Jazzy her brace as soon as possible.

— Nick from Maine

Greetings from Chili. Elisa has been using her knee brace daily and it has worked wonders. After I got it and adjusted it to a perfect fit, she walks easily as if here was no injury. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Hip Hound

A great big thanks for the Hip brace – our Jaala (14 yr. old Ridgeback) has been able to accompany us once again for our annual Swiss break. He’s definitely found relief and even runs whilst wearing this amazing contraption.

— Cathy - Germany

I bought the Hip Hound for my 12 yr. old Lab who had a stroke 2 years ago. The stroke affected both hind legs. We put the brace on her and she can actually walk and turn around – we can see a big difference in her ability. My husband cried when he saw her walk!

— Jane

Our Lab has hip dysplasia – it seems like overnight she went from an active dog to a dog who couldn’t take a step without sliding into a split position. Every step was painful. The Hip Hound has helped her walk more easily. I wish I could send your brochure to all of the vets in America! Thanks so much for making our girl better!

— Mica and Ellijay

My dog Annie is in her senior years and has hip dysplasia and osteo-arthritis. Your Hip Hound has made a world of difference in her mobility. It has allowed her to use her legs more and keeps the muscles strong. She is back running a little and can welcome me home after work now.

— Alice - A very satisfied and grateful customer

Our 11 year old German Shepard has hip dysplasia and is losing her mobility and ability to go for her usual and much loved walks. By day 3 of using the brace she would put her foot up and into the harness and on day 5 when my son returned from his walk with our dog he said, “that was the first proper walk we’ve had in months!”. With the brace on she even trots when she walks and speeds up beyond the pace our other dog wants to go. Thank you for giving Kyra back her walks! Both dogs get so excited when we get out the bag with her brace. I had the Hip Hound on Kyra when we went to the vet’s office and she was so impressed that he plans to recommend it to her patients.

— Deanna from Canada

I wanted to leave a testimonial for the Hip Hound and what wonderful service I received. Due to arthritis our 10 year old Newfoundland was having trouble with getting up and down on her own. The folks at Ortho Dog went out of their way to help get Minnie back on her feet and back to enjoying her life again. The Hip Hound is truly a wonderful product made by a genuinely caring company and we are forever grateful.

— Beth from IL

I ordered the Hip Hound for my 17 year old Australian Shepherd and it has made an immense difference in her life in only a few days! Legs aligned, she’s able to do stairs without falling, she’s sleeping less and moving around more. The brace has taken about 5 years off her age at least as she’s able to join the family for short walks, onto the deck at night, etc. She stands now with her aligned, the splay is corrected and her balance is great!

— Thank you so much Ortho Dog. Gail from CA

I just got the Hip Hound and my dog instantly had a better time walking and sitting down. — Thank you for this!

Hock Holder

Thank you for the hock brace. It is making a huge difference to my 12 yr. old Lab, Amy, whose hock joint is unstable with blown cartilage. It makes it much easier for her to get up and to walk and she’s so much more mobile already.

I’ll be ordering several more!

Hip Hound

I just wanted to write and let you know how much we love the hip brace for our GSD, Zorra. She’s 10 ½ and has lupus, and she was bumped by a car a few years ago so her back end has been weaker for a few years. This brace helps her to have confidence when moving around, when just getting up from laying down, we are thrilled. She is our queen, and there isn’t anything we would not do for her.

She stands right up for me when I tell her I need to put her brace on and every so often, will chase her ball too!

Thank you for this brace, for developing it and helping dogs that need this support in their older years.

Thank you so much for all of your help. We just took our first walk with the Hip Hound brace on and Charlie didn’t fall down or drag his feet. I am very happy that this is a real help for him.

— Nathan from Chicago

Wrist Wrap and Hock Holder

My 10 year old Gracie suffered from arthritis in her front wrist. It was weak and bending back a little too far. My vet suggested that I get a brace since I didn’t like the idea of giving her pills all of the time. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I bought two so she would have even pressure in the front. She stands up fully erect again, runs and chases the ball and can walk so much long and the best part is that she hasn’t needed a pill in months!

My second order was for my 11 yr old Shadow. While playing, I saw her chase the ball and do a quick rotation on the hind leg and fall. I decided to buy the Hock Holder – again, I bought two of them. For the past 4 days, we’ve been playing until I get tired! The best part is that she lets me put them on without any struggle and doesn’t want me to take them off.

Thank you very much for making your products available. They have made life more enjoyable for my girls.

— Laura White

My dog and my family are greatly satisfied with your product. Between the Wrist Wrap I bought for his front legs last year and these hock supports, he is a happier and better dog.

Bozley is very appreciative as it has improved his mobility and for my little speedster, that is important. Please tell everyone at Ortho dog that we are very thankful and have passed the word of your products to all of our fellow canine loving friends.

— Kevin, Diane, Bozley and his big girlfriend Dakota

Hip Hound

My big old German Shepard Django was having such a bad time. He was slipping and twisting so easily. He was just miserable and in a lot of pain. So I ordered the largest Hip Hound you have – he is a BIG boy!

The day I picked it up, he had a bad fall and was sore for several days. BUT for the first time in a couple of years he got up and down normally and not painfully. When he slept he didn’t get his legs tangled and have them jerking all night.

Now he is standing straight, walking straight, lying on his back in the grass and happily swinging his legs around. He is running with the other dogs and not showing much pain.

The Hip Hound has given my dear pal a new lease on life…thank you!

— Anne in Arizona

All Pets Animal Hospital, Asheville, NC

It has been a long time since something as new and innovative as the Ortho Dog hip brace has been marketed to aid in the management of Canine Hip Dysplasia. The design provides additional support for the bones which stabilize the joint in a way that helps minimize bone and soft tissue pain. Early trials have been promising.

— Eddie Heath DVM, with Sam

I had to stop going on daily walks with my 3-year-old dog Maggie because of her severe hip arthritis. Since using the Ortho Dog brace, we are walking up to an hour a day and Maggie is pain-free. I'm so glad to have my time with my dog back!

— Mary Hart Craig, M.D. with Maggie, Durham, NC

A Good Dog's Life Canine Training Facility, Asheville, NC

If you look, your dog will tell you how they feel. Madison's desire to play hard overrides her ability at times. The Ortho Dog Hip Hound has had a positive effect on what she tells me!

— Gail Hubbard with Madison, Asheville, NC

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