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Friends and Partners

Handicapped Pets
Sometimes, there are alternatives to putting down an injured or elderly dog, cat, or other pet. This site is about our best friends and some of those alternatives.
Watson's Pet Products
Senior Pet Products grew from the love between a man and his dog, and is dedicated to extending the quality of life of our beloved pets.
Paws Barkery
All natural gourmet dog treats. "Senior dogs give Paws Bakery a paws up."
Orthopedic Dog Beds
Meant To Provide Comfort For Arthritic Dogs, Orthopedic Dog Beds Reduce Pressure On Your Dog's Stiff And Painful Joints.
Bella's Pain Relief
Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief pack for dogs is just one of the products we offer to help improve the overall health and mobility of your best friend.
KVP International
Distributor of veterinary supplies, recovery collars, patient care and surgical supplies for dogs.
Scout's House
The right products. The right services. The right help for your ill, elderly or injured pet.
Dog’s Heart Store – Isle of Man, Great Britain.
Dedicated to helping all dogs – big and small – overcome their orthopedic challenges with practical solutions.
Winston’s Joint Formulas
Committed to providing safe and highly effective pet products that help promote optimum health and longevity.
Animal Chiropractic Care
Dr. John Faherty offers animal chiropractic care in the Asheville, NC region. He is available to help animals in need.
Prized Pet
A monthly treat box of all natural, grain-free treats and toys at affordable prices. All of the Ortho Dogs have tried their treats and have given their stamps of approval.