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General Information:

It is fine for your dog to wear the brace during the day but take the complete brace off at night so that the skin can breathe and won’t cause skin irritation.
We don’t recommend bracing both knees unless there are acute recent tears in both as bracing both inhibits walking. When the injured knee is braced, it takes pressure off of the other leg. If you ever need the brace for the other knee, we can send it to you and it will fit into your system. If both knees have acute tears, there is an option at checkout for ordering both knee braces.
The PURPLE LOGO on the knee brace is to be used as a spotter before the brace is put on the knee to locate the front of the knee. Once the knee brace is on and tightened, the knee brace is designed to rotate outward to follow the natural rotation of the dog’s knee from the hip.
Our braces are sold on our site, They are not sold in retail stores.
We do not make a size small knee brace as a small dog’s legs are not long enough to accommodate our brace.
We do offer mixed size braces (example – a medium leg portion with a large harness). You will calculate your dog’s size at check out so that you can order the correct size.
Our braces, by design, are not custom fit braces so that they are more affordable. Try for a more custom fit brace.
Our Cruciate Care knee braces doesn’t fit the bulldog or beagle shape.
If you have questions about the fit of your brace, please email us a couple of pictures of your dog standing in the brace so we can check the fit and application. We can better advise you about the fit if we can see the brace on your dog.
We often have returned braces that are functional but with some dog hair that we donate to shelters, rescue organizations and to people who can’t afford a new brace. Please email us if you want to inquire about a donated brace.
Each returned brace is opened individually by one of our cleaning crew. The braces are cleaned under a lighted magnifiying glass and the dog hair is removed with tweezers. The brace is then sanitized. A picture is taken of the returned brace to indicate dog hair, dander, dirt or signs of wear. If a restock fee is applied to the refund, a picture of the return is emailed to the customer.
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Please refer to our Return Policy page for all information regarding refunds, exchanges and returns.