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1. How to Treat Sprains, Canine Carpal Hyperextension & Other Common Wrist Injuries in Dogs

Dogs with front leg injuries often show signs of limping, lameness, or swelling. For sprains & canine carpal hyperextension, non-surgical treatments like hydrotherapy or a canine wrist brace can help.

Tags: swelling, arthritis dog wrist wrap, lameness
2. Dog ACL Surgery Alternatives: How Does a Dog Stifle Brace Work?

If your dog has an ACL tear & surgery is not an option, try a dog stifle brace. One of many alternatives to surgery to treat a dog's cruciate ligament tear, dog knee braces promote pain-free mobility.

Tags: limping, lameness, torn CCL, dog knee brace
3. What To Do About Dog Hock Dislocation, Instability & Injuries

The dog hock joint is analogous to the human ankle. Limping, lameness & swelling of the ankle are signs of a hock injury. Luckily, there are many natural treatment options for dog hock problems.

Tags: limping, lameness, swelling, arthritis, dog hock brace
4. Hip Dysplasia & Other Australian Shepherd Hip Problems

Is your Australian shepherd limping or having trouble getting up? These may be signs of canine hip dysplasia, a treatable disease. Here we explore canine hip dysplasia treatment options for your Aussie.

Tags: limping, dog hip brace, australian shepherd, hip dysplasia, lameness
5. Common Pitbull Hip and Hind Leg Problems & Treatments

Pitbulls are prone to hip dysplasia & torn CCLs, but there are many non-invasive treatment options available. Learn how to spot common pitbull hip & leg problems and treat without surgery.

Tags: limping, lameness, pitbulls, dog knee brace, dog hip brace, torn CCL
6. German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia Signs and Treatments

Like many large breed dogs, German shepherds are prone to canine hip dysplasia, which can cause lameness and limping. Watch for early signs of CHD and other hip and joint problems and begin treatment asap.

Tags: german shepherd, limping, lameness, hip dysplasia, dog hip brace, dog hock brace
7. Can a Dog Recover From an ACL Tear Without Getting Surgery?

A torn ACL is a common canine injury. While it is possible for a dog to recover from an ACL tear using surgery alternatives, it is not true for all dogs. Learn more about dog acl surgery cost, options, and alternatives.

Tags: dog knee brace, limping, lameness, torn CCL

Displaying: 1 - 7 of 7