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1. What To Do About Dog Hock Dislocation, Instability & Injuries

The dog hock joint is analogous to the human ankle. Limping, lameness & swelling of the ankle are signs of a hock injury. Luckily, there are many natural treatment options for dog hock problems.

Tags: limping, lameness, swelling, arthritis, dog hock brace
2. Exploring Surgical & Non-Invasive Treatment Options for Canine Hip, Joint, and Ligament Injuries

There are many treatment options for canine hip, joint & ligament injuries & conditions. Here’s a look at some surgical and noninvasive treatments, including dog knee braces & dog hip braces.

Tags: limping, swelling, hip dysplasia, arthritis, torn ccl, dog knee brace, dog hip brace, dog wrist wrap, dog hock brace
3. Recovery Tails: Border Collie Mindy’s Arthritis Treatment

Common in older dogs, canine arthritis is a painful chronic disease. There are, however, many arthritis treatments to alleviate discomfort. Read how Mindy the Border Collie got relief.

Tags: dog hip brace, arthritis, border collie

Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3