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We are proud to introduce our Ortho Dog orthopedic braces, the Hip Hound and the Wrist Wrap, to help restore the joy of pain-free activity for your beloved dog companion. Our braces were developed out of our love of dogs and our work in chiropractic care and massage therapy.

When our best friends, Spirit and Zoie, who happen to be mother and daughter, needed help for wrist pain and limping, we couldn't find it. Wanting our dogs to be able to run, play, walk and hike with us again, we put together our knowledge of anatomy and musculature and brainstormed a hopeful solution.

Elizabeth designed the first brace, the Wrist Wrap, then refined and refined it until it worked. Next, we designed the Hip Hound to aid our many dog friends who experienced hip pain. Once successful, we tested the braces on friend's dogs and then followed up with veterinarian consultations. It has been an exciting, learning and gratifying process. Confident that our braces could improve the quality of a dog's life, we became business partners to make Ortho Dog available to dog lovers everywhere.

Our goal is to improve the quality of your dog's life. If your best canine friend ails from hip pain, low back pain and/or weakness, fatigue, back leg limping or is recovering from hip/low back surgery or injury, try the Hip Hound brace. If your dog's front wrist is causing a limp or is painful, try the Ortho Dog Wrist Wrap. Let us know how it works.....we are committed to constant improvement. Your comments are valuable to us.

We love dogs!